Our Unique Varieties

The varieties we offer are local to our region. All of our honey, with the exception of Orange Blossom, comes from naturally occurring wild blooms on private property that is not treated with pesticides. I suggest trying each of them to learn about the unique flavor that comes from each flower. All of the honey will of course have a mix of wild flowers simply because bees are foragers. But as you taste each one you will begin to develop favorites and of course favorite recipes.


Orange Blossom

The limited season begins in April and the honey supply typically lasts about 4-6 months. This honey needs little introduction as most people are familiar with the rich, thick, & sweet honey sourced from just south of the county on privately owned groves.

Returns April 2017

Wild Palmetto

A darker amaretto type sweet buttery honey becomes available during the summer months. Sourced from wild palmetto shrubs in the heart of Dunnellon. 

Limited Stock Available



Wild Gallberry

A lighter honey rich in the nectar from the wild blooms of the Florida holly tree in Homosassa, FL. Not as sweet as the Orange and carries a distinct flavor that is sought after by many. Takes the longest to granulate of the honeys. Harvested during the summer months..

In Season

Wild Black Mangrove

The lightest and thinnest of the honeys we gather. The taste is uniquely sweet with an essence of, well a fine brew. Due to the naturally high water content this honey is the quickest to granulate. Sourced near summers end from an island located in the St. Martins Aquatic Preserve in Crystal River, FL.   

In Season

black mangrove.jpg


Wild Brazilian Pepper

While the name raises the most eyebrows this one isn’t actually spicy at all and is one of the most sought after and unique varieties we collect. Not actually made with or from peppers but rather an invasive species of plant overtaking our waterways here in the Crystal River St. Martins Aquatic Preserve. The flower buds literally drip with nectar as they begin to open each fall. Perfect for prepping our bees for the long winter ahead. We don’t extract much of this particular variety to allow the bees to have enough stored food for the entire winter and to build the hives nice and strong for April when the bees visit the Orange Blossoms again.    

In Season

 Over time due the truly raw nature of our honey you may experience crystallization. Which happens to be a naturally occurring sugar-like granulation. Don’t worry it is still honey. If you want it liquid again you can gently heat your honey in a mason jar in a pot of water.  The honey we harvest, with care, for our customers remains in a truly raw state. The results produce a superior, energy packed honey with the highest possible level of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, full beneficial factors as a functional whole food.

Honey Sizes and Pricing


Our honey is $10/pound and available in the sizes shown below.  Please inquire about bulk sizing and custom orders.


Custom packaging and sizes are also available upon request.

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