Our process sets our honey apart

Completely unstrained honey straight from "hive to jar!" Never barreled, and hand-packed each year, from truly wild flowers.  Inside, it is possible to discover golden honey cappings, crunchy bits of honeycomb, pollen, and porpolis. No perfectly clear honey here!

Hands On Bottling

We use a hands on approach by bottling our honey on site with a manual valve one bottle at a time. Our honey is never rushed through pipes, conveyors or any automated processing equipment that can alter the natural state.

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Slow Pour & Unheated

Our honey slowly pours into our containers and crystallizes naturally because we don't use warming cabinets typically used to prevent granulation. We value the beneficial enzymes & probiotics found in truly raw honey.


Small Batch

Honey as fresh as if you had wild hives in your own backyard. When honey crystallizes it naturally expands. We bottle our honey as needed in small batches due to the truly raw nature